Our primary objectives are:
  • To foster love, unity, understanding and cooperation among its members.
  • To provide for the welfare of the members through activities, whether social, economic, cultural or otherwise.
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In line with the need to recognize and promote values of integrity and excellence over mediocrity and self-gratification, Ufedo Foundation of Nigeria a non-governmental organisation with a focal commitment to the upliftment of Igala land through the promotion of strong ethical and family values as well as the execution of humanitarian service projects in rural Igala communities has unveiled the 2017 edition of its programme on Icons of Excellence and Character in Igala land.

The recognition programme, which seeks to extol the virtues of integrity and selfless contribution to the growth and development of the Igala human capital is scheduled to come up on the 25th of November 2017at Ikeja Airport Hotel, Lagos.



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Ufedo Foundation of Nigeria is a non- political and non-partisan association of Igala sons and daughters of like minds, in all fields of human endeavours working for the development and unity of the IGALAs in a larger Nigeria.

The major objectives of the Foundation include, but not limited to:

  1. Fostering love, unity, understanding and co-operation among members;
  2. Providing for the welfare of the members through activities, whether social, economic, cultural or otherwise;
  3. Promoting the socio-cultural identity of the members in particular and the entire IGALA people in general;
  4. Striving to open up avenues and opportunities to facilitate the self-actualization of every and all the members through the concerted efforts of both the members, persons and organizations of allied objectives; and,
  5. Protecting and defending the rights and privileges of all members.

Recently, the attention of the Foundation has been drawn to a purported map of a Republic of Biafra (a copy of which is hereby attached), by agitators from a section of the South-East geo-political zone of the country. The agitators are clamouring for the creation of a Republic of Biafra out of the present Federal Republic of Nigeria. In the said map, the Igala Kingdom in the Eastern part of Kogi State, in Kogi East Senatorial District was included as forming a part of the said Republic of Biafra.

Ufedo Foundation of Nigeria wishes to categorically disassociate herself from the inclusion of Igala people in the so-called map of Biafra. The Foundation is aware that no meeting was held between the Igalas of Kogi state and the leadership of Biafran agitators with a view to discussing the inclusion of the IGALA race in the Biafran agenda. Neither has there been any discussion, or any contemplation at any time, for the Igalas to move out of the present Nigerian state. For the Biafran agitators to single-handedly carve a map of their envisaged Republic and include the Igala kingdom – the 9th largest ethnic group in Nigeria – amounts to fraud and a grave insult to the Igala race. We demand an OPEN APOLOGY for the insult, and immediate retraction of the wrongful inclusion.

The Igalas are satisfied being in Nigeria, and are contented with the present Nigerian nation. They are therefore, not contemplating any secession. We will present our own grievances with the Nigerian State (if any, and as the situation may arise), through the appropriate channel and at the appropriate time.

Even though Ufedo Foundation of Nigeria is a non- political and non-partisan, and the Biafran issue may be political in nature depending on individual perspective, we feel obliged to defend our people by doing the needful. We therefore, say CAPITAL ‘NO’ to any mischievous inclusion of our land in the Biafran agenda.

God bless IGALA Kingdom!

God bless Kogi state!!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Arc. Dr. Labaran D. Abalaka, fnia feman

Trustee Member

Even though Ufedo Foundation of Nigeria is a non- political and non-partisan, and the Biafran issue may be political in nature depending on individual perspective, we feel obliged to our people to do the needful, we say CAPITAL ‘NO’ to any mischievous inclusion of our land in the Biafran agenda.

God bless IGALA Kingdom!

God bless Kogi state!!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

Dr. James Nda Abalaka

National President

Dear Mr President,
We wish to call your urgent and immediate attention to the current spate of crime, killings and mayhem in Igala land. The hit squad has a tripod of FULANI HERDSMEN, KIDNAPPERS and MURDEROUS THUGS as anchors.
Until very recently, the Igala people and Fulani herdsmen lived peaceably but gone seems to be those days following the multiple acts of war and mayhem being unleashed daily on innocent farmers and law-abiding citizens in their villages, homes and farm lands.
For instance within the space of Mid-2015 to now, Igala land has witnessed several incidences of killings as a result of herdsmen violence in several areas including Ebeje where 8 people were killed and farms set ablaze, Agbada/Agojeju where 19 people were slaughtered, Edede – 2 persons were killed, 6 people killed in Oganenigu, 3 people killed in Ojapata, 5 people killed in Ojuwo Anawo. All these happened in Dekina Local Government Area.

The story is not different in Ofu local government area at Ojuwo Omachi and Akpagidigbo where the incessant attacks of herdsmen have claimed the lives of over 20 persons.
In Abejukolo and Bagana in Omala Local Government Area, the reign of terror resonates loudly, so much that our people no longer move freely to and from their farm lands because of the fear of killings, maiming and rape, with some villages like Ebakume wholly sacked and entire farm produce granaries/silos completely burnt.
These heavily armed cattle rearers keep flaunting their prowess in the handling of AK 47 rifles and double barrel guns.
Our fathers lived peacefully and harmoniously with the Fulani herdsmen for several generations when all they carried was just their wooden-rod. Their current behaviour and disposition are thus very strange to the people of the land. There is therefore need to curtail their new penchant for impunity which is obviously been fuelled by horrible killer machines they now brandish in the likes of AK47 and other types of dangerous rifles/weapons.
Incidences of kidnapping in Igala land has become nightmarish, the height of which is the new trend in the kidnap of foreigners.
 A Chinese woman – LILLY YUNPIN was kidnapped at Etutekpe in Dekina local Government Area, until a ransom was paid recently. This is a clear negation of the stance of the Government on security and free business environment for foreigners.
Kogi is known to be the largest producer of cashew nuts in Nigeria today and thus attracts an influx of export merchants. This development obviously has effect on the non-oil FX earnings of the country as long as the business environment fails to guarantee the security of exporters seeking to purchase from farm- gates that are considered unsafe.
Again, Just last week, Dr. Barnabas, a Medical Doctor at the Kogi State University, Anyigba in Dekina Local Government Area was kidnapped and ransom had to be paid for his release.
The serial kidnap of locals working in the local government offices and others in their respective businesses have become too numerous to list.
Cold blooded murder and assassination of innocent citizens have become the order of the day in Igala land.  The land is yet to recover from the gruesome murder of Chief ISA EDIME, the Producer of the popular 2nd republic radio programme “Democracy in action” and retired Director of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) who was brazenly murdered in broad day light in his residence at Egume in Dekina LGA by yet to be identified gunmen.
Very recently, Idah, the traditional seat of the Igala kingdom was visited by an orgy of unprecedented exchange of gunfire which happened  for two straight days (April 24th – 25th2016, ) and  left  13 people dead.
Chief Simon Shaibu, the district head of Ejule, in Ofu LGA was killed in similar manner on Saturday April 30 2016. In an open display of firearms, the District Head was directly shot at in his residence in a brigandage that left everybody in terror, despair and wondering who would be the next victim.
UFEDO FOUNDATION on behalf of Igala sons and daughters condemns the impunity, surge in violence and brazen display of military weapons that is now reigning in Igala land. The phenomenal level of blindness being feigned in what seems like a conspiracy of silence by Government at all levels is also condemnable.
Governments at all levels have remained quiet, while fears of continuing killing is causing despair, terror and paralysis in commerce, economic and social activities. Igala sons and daughters in this escalated level of insecurity can’t even risk home travels anymore, the farmers cannot continue farming activities because of the fear of either killer-herdsmen brandishing AK 47 rifles or violent cult groups parading dangerous weapons. Exportation of cash crops from Igala land is now at a great mercantile risk including cashew nuts, sesame seeds etc.
The people cannot continue to live under this terror any further and hence demand that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria act immediately AND NOW. We demand a halt to this reign of terror in Igala land. 
Mr PresidentWe observe further that law enforcement agencies as presently located in the land are obviously too sparse to provide the required security cover for the entire land. We wish you could for a moment imagine that the entire geography of the then Igala Native Authority is still having only one Area Police Command covering 9 local governments.
The Igala Native Authority as you very well know was second only to Kano N.A in the old Northern Nigeria in terms of economy and commerce. The Igala ethno-nationality which is reputed to be the 9th largest tribe in Nigeria is yet to have any form of military or functional Mobile Police Formation.
Mr President Sir, this gaping absence of security formations and units in Igala land has continued to fuel impunity and security breaches.
Igala land did not bargain for this bloodletting in the change regime we all contributed in entrenching. We therefore demand reinforced security presence in Igala land to deal with the terror been perpetrated by criminals, murderous thugs and kidnappers in the land.
The desire of Igala land has always been peace and an environment devoid of rancour. Strong police presence and other security apparatus which are currently non-existent if provided, will create adequate institutional framework for dealing with all these crimes as well as deployment of preventive strategies.
Additionally we demand a full scale investigation of all these killings with a view to finding lasting solutions as no one seems to be attending to them under any serious order, while the families keep asking for justice. 
The time to commence full scale investigation into these killings and curtail the resultant criminal activities from these dastardly acts of kidnapping and blood shedding and herdsmen violence IS NOW.
As the President and Commander-in-Chief of all the armed forces, it is within your powers to do and/or direct all these prayers to be answered, hence this letter to you at this very auspicious time, when a replacement for late Barr James Ocholi (SAN) at the Federal Executive Council is yet to be named, Kogi-East Senatorial election remains inconclusive, the Kogi state caucus in the House of Representatives is seemingly  overwhelmed by these  happenings at home and  the Kogi House of Assembly remains shut.

We therefore urge your Excellency to take immediate action and save Igala land from further descent into a state of anarchy.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria
God bless the President
God bless Kogi state
God bless Igala land


Drs. Ocheje, Yakubu and all,

Like everyone of you, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to the families who have directly fallen victim to the rising tide of politically motivated acts of violence in Igala land. Those of us who have not fallen victim yet might as well start readying ourselves, because at the current rate, it is a matter of time (not if) we all get consumed.

However, I have a slightly different take on this issue today.

It is very well that the number of Igala patriots who trade ideas on this and other web forums and e-boards has grown exponentially in recent years. It can also be very uplifting to get a sense of the passion folks feel when they express themselves about the different problems ravaging our land on these web forums. It is even encouraging to begin to get official responses to issues and concerns expressed here, as did Dr. Aaron Baba on the recent (unexplained) disappearance of on-line version of Kogi Graphics newspaper.


But as good as all of these developments may be, I don’t see (as yet) an alternative to making the elected representatives of the people feel the full weight and depth of our disappointment in them. And as far as I can tell, there is no better medium to convey those feelings than through (Igala language segments) on radio Kogi. If you ever travel to Igala land and interact with the folks on the ground on their information sources and news consumption, you will discover that there’s no medium comparable to this organ in terms of effectiveness and credibility.


And to some extent, through the physical version of the said Graphics newspaper, by way of open letter, of the kind Momoh has just put out. Not long ago, Fr. Tony Agbali also put out an analysis of our problems, which most of us considered excellent. But pray, what use is an excellent analysis if it does not get to the critical mass of both policy formulators, decision makers and the grass roots folks whose lives are mostly affected by, and dependent on these developments (or the lack thereof).

People, the way I see it, nothing is going to change or get done if we don’t resolve to start speaking truth to power. Governor Idris and all the underlings between the seat of government in Lokoja and Abuja down to Anyigba, Idah, Abejukolo, Dekina, Ankpa and what have you, need to hear that, as Igala people, we are tired of being scared living in, or traveling home to be with our kins.


Similarly, those in the opposition today like Abubakar Audu, as well as the little ones lurking in the wings to jump into the political fray all need to start getting the heatfrom all of us. The idea that Igala children can be recruited and nurtured into monsters and terrorists to the point where even their original recruiters will become slaves to them is untenable. Just imagine the audacity of political thugs in Kogi state allegedly taking their criminality across state borders to the residence of a ploice operative in Makurdi because the officer was courageous enough to cause the arrest of their kinpin!  By the very nature of political power acquisition and deployment in our land, once these scoundrels have been recruited, armed and paid their seed money, it takes no time for them to snowball into uncontrollable thugs.


And like all anti-social elements, these thugs seem incapable of seeing anything wrong in the havoc they wreak on innocents. Similarly, their principals who belong in different camps may not see anything necessarily wrong in the use of these miscreants to achieve political ends. Which is why the rest of society, including you and I must stand up and call these things as we see them. To the right quarters.

Igala Association, USA, UK, Igala Project, Ufedo club (if it still exists) and even those of us who are unaffiliated have a roll to play here. As Americans like to say it, this is neither a Republican nor a Democratic issue. This is an IGALA problem.


Abu Acheneje.

Our attention has been drawn to the publication on pages 5, 6 and 7 of the Daily Trust Newspaper of Sunday June 4th , 2017 on  the renewed agitation for the declaration of Biafra and the wrongful inclusion of Igala Nation in the said agitations including the Biafran map. We have also reviewed the different reactions to this call for the State of Biafra across the various geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
The Igala nation which found itself in the 1914 amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates of the Niger River Basin was a renowned kingdom in the 15th and 16th centuries. Its vast political, economic and social influences cut across most States in the current Federal Republic of Nigeria. In our days of glory, the Igala kingdom ruled most parts of the geopolitical area being described in the agitation for the State of Biafra and beyond.

In the plot to  reduce the geographical size of the kingdom, different attempts were made to balkanize the Igala kingdom and at a point, one division of it , particularly the Idah division, was carved into Onitsha province as a district. It may be this illusionary understanding that have led the agitators of the said publication to wrongfully and erroneously imagine that Igala kingdom is a clan. For the avoidance of doubt, many kings in the current States of Enugu, Anambra, Delta recognize the place of the traditional leadership of the Igala kingdom in their affairs. Describing the Igala Kingdom as a clan is definitely a product of ignorance of history and mischief.
The present agitation that has included Igala people on paper is not only provocative but very insulting to the Igala people. Suffice to say that, the agitators for Biafra have marginalization as the main plank for their grievances. It is therefore unthinkable to annex the Igala kingdom without consulting us. Probably this may be due to the erroneous belief that Igala kingdom is a clan thus not important to consult the people of the great Igala kingdom before being annexed as part of the agitation. This is against the spirit of fairness, sovereignty, equity, peaceful cohabitation and democracy to forcefully and falsely claim that a great kingdom as the Igala kingdom, which was never defeated in any war is part of Biafra.
Nigeria is a democratic country where any Nigerian should be allowed to live peacefully and secured as prescribed by our laws, without any fear of intimidation so long as the individual or group is living within the boundary of common sense and our Constitutional provisions.
We therefore wish to state in very clear and unequivocal terms the following;
1] That Igala ethnic nationality is NOT part of the Biafra agitation
2] That Igala ethnic nationality holds the unity, oneness and indivisibility of Nigeria sacrosanct.
3] That Igala believe that every Nigerian citizen has the constitutional right to freely live where ever such an individual or group so chooses within the ambit of our laws and in the interest of peace and security.
At this juncture, we wish  to draw the attention of the Federal Government to the painful reality that there is  minimal federal presence in terms of infrastructure and economic  activities in Igala kingdom even when our allegiance and commitment to the stability of the Federal Government is total. The plight of the Igala people needs to be addressed immediately and urgently too to forestall the issue of marginalization being canvassed by some current agitators. We are feeling the pain but we are committed to keeping the nation ONE.
Key among the issues to be addressed are;
 A] That there is need to continue urgently the construction of Bagana-Guto bridge to ease access to the Federal Capital Territory by our brothers  of the South-East and South-South as this will encourage economic activities, unity and proximity to the centre of governance.
B] That, in view of security concerns occasioned by the Biafra agitation, there is an urgent need for establishment of a full fledge Naval Base at Idah, and establishment of an army barrack in Olamaboro Local Government Area.  It is a known fact that Ibaji, Igalamela, Ofu and Olamaboro Local governments live in close contiguity with South Eastern states of Anambara and Enugu over a wide boundary line.
C] That there is urgent need to swear in the minister from Kogi State, Prof Stephen Ikani Ocheni immediately to enable us have sense of belonging and input to national affairs. Kogi State has been without a minister representing the people for the past one year. Since he has been cleared by the Senate, we urge the Acting President to swear-in Prof Stephen Ikani Ocheni without further delay.
D] While showing appreciation to the Federal Government for the recent appointments of our illustrious sons into various positions, WE NEED MORE BECAUSE OF OUR NUMERICAL STRENGTH AND LOYALTY TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the Administration of President Muhammed Buhari. Hope our genuine request should not be misconstrued to be asking too much. We deserve it.
E] The issues surrounding the boundary adjustment between Ibaji and Anambra States should be concluded expeditiously to bring about peaceful coexistence in the affected areas.  This also will trigger economic growth.
We urge our Igbo brothers to engage the Nigeria nation more purposefully for quality governance rather than agitations for separatist state. Equally the Northern Youths should embrace the oneness of Nigeria as a Nation.
We, as a people in the Middle Belt crave for peace at all times because when war breaks out, we will be at the receiving end as the theatre of war. The last civil war holds very unpleasant testimonies.
Ukomu Igala
Ojuju Agbadufu Igala
Igala Heritage Foundation
Igala Cultural Development Association
Ufedo Foundation
Igala/Bassa Consultative Forum
Igala Students Association
Arise Igala Grassroot Sensitization Initiative
Udama Igala
And other Socio-Cultural Organizations